Stone Hand Bespoke Garden Ornaments

As the summer has progressed so has work on our sister companies bespoke garden ornaments.  With new hand crafted artificial stone garden ornaments being designed each week.  The latest creation is a fabulous sundial set in artificial rock boulders. The benefit of these are that they are fully frost retardant and so can be left out all year.  Being of a natural design they also complement the garden and don’t stand out against natural elements.

Set Connection’s artificial Everlast Vines ™ have also been on display at the various country shows Stone Hand has attended and they are attracting a great deal of positive attention from gardeners.  The vines have successfully been used to train climbing plants outdoors and so getaway from old fashioned plastic trellis.


For more information or to buy any of the bespoke garden ornaments please go to Stone-Hand Website