Welcome To Set Connection

The UK's premier manufacturers of artificial rock, boulders, trees, murals, scenic artwork, props and our all new hire department

Please take a look at the website to see our fantastic advances in artificial rock, boulders, trees, murals, scenic artwork and specialist theming, painted 2D and sculptured 3D, aswell as our new addition of our hire department.

Set Connection continues to be the innovative designers of new products including Everlast Vines™ and set the standard for artificial rockwork throughout the industry. Authentic looking rock has progressed over the years and we are now at the forefront of technology when it comes to our design and realism.

The rock-work and boulders are sculpted from medium density flame retardant polystyrene blocks.  They are then sprayed with pigmented sand and cement render including strand fibre for extra strength, frost proofers and strengthening additives. We are able to create all different types of textures from water worn rocks and boulders to craggy granite.

The company has completed projects for over ten years abroad in Belgium, Holland and Germany and has recently completed extensive contracts with Butlins & Centerparcs

Set Connection prides itself on being pioneers of new methods and as such

  • Invented polypropylene ‘Everlast™’ jungle vines
    Artificial rock

    Set Connection Artificial Rock & Vines

  • Use recycled plastics and other waste materials
  • Ongoing design input throughout all projects.

We workshop manufacture but also sculpt and install in situ, adapting to any configuration and alteration.

Set Connection manufactures:-

Our sculptures are made from scrap exhibition plastics and wood which would otherwise have ended up in landfill or incinerated.
Set Connection try to ensure that they respect the environment and use as many green and low energy products as possible. All paints are water based unless specified by the architect.
The scrap plastic is thermo sculpted and then moulded to any shape required  from butterflies to mushrooms!

We are constantly looking for new materials to use and recycle.