Artificial Rock work

Premier Artificial Rock Manufacturers

In formative years Set Connection has used the long standing pelam method of creating artificial rock, however over the last 2 years we have restructured our manufacturing methods using high density fire retardant polystyrene which we sculpt with hot wire to create deep cleft and/or any type frock structure that is required.

The advantage is that the client can see immediately the formation and structure before render, giving the chance to make alterations as necessary.
Once the sub structure has been carved a sand and cement render containing pigment and fibre glass is then applied to the surface with the use of compressed air render guns. This method enables us to continue the meterage without having to wait for the render to become suitable for carving. This increases our daily input and therefore we are able to be more cost effective.

We have also developed various textures in the render from craggy granite to wind worn sand stone including a full range of colours. Unlike GRP (glass reinforced plastic) each and every structure we produce is unique and has no repetition adding to the realism. Where needed our rocks and boulders are capable of withstanding being walked on and are fully weatherproof.

Wherever possible we use discarded or reusable polystyrene, priding ourselves as one of the only companies leading the way in re-using a product that otherwise would have gone into landfill. Continuing with our conscious effort to maintain a high green profile we never unless otherwise instructed us solvent based paints and pigments.

Our scenic theming is always sensitive to the surrounding area and we ensure that our foliage & vines give that finishing touch to every project.

We also create boulders, pre-maufactured rockeries and large stone slabs suitable for fishing lakes, large ornamental garden pools and temporary displays. Please contact us for more details.