Everlast Artificial Vines™

Out Latest Innovation in Artificial Vines

The need for tough, long lasting, jungle effect artificial vines in high traffic areas was required, however, natural vines were simply not strong enough and would grow brittle and deteriorate over a short period of time.
Made from Polypropylene, Everlast Vines can be manufactured to any length.

Everlast Vines™ were developed at Set Connection’s workshops in the latter part of 2011, Patent pending No 1121448.3, to accommodate a Center Parcs project at Sherwood Holiday Village.

They are waterproof,  frost-proof, and with an integral colour that will not fade. They are strong and will never degrade. They can be taken down and  pressure-washed without detriment; a long lasting stock item that can be used again and again in the ever changing locations of scenic theming.
Not only are these artificial vines instantly decorative but are also an excellent vehicle for natural climbing plants, both indoors and out, a great tool for any organic design project, including the manufacture of artificial trees.

The vines can be used indoor and out, and are perfect for training live foliage to grow up against. They offer a natural finish to rock work.